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The cyclone season in India has arrived. Almost a few days later, we saw the back of the Tauktae cyclone, and another Yaas was rushing towards the north of Orissa. Hurricanes are well known and can cause flooding, car and property damage, and disruption of daily life. Strong winds often uproot trees and telephone poles, causing them to fall onto parked vehicles. This has brought further economic losses to car owners. In order to protect yourself from the destructive effects of such storms on the vehicle, please consider purchasing an “own damage” protective cover (OD) to compensate for storms, mountain floods, earthquakes and landslides.

A comprehensive Car insurance policy Including own damage insurance and personal accident insurance and compulsory third-party liability insurance.

If your car or bicycle is damaged by a natural disaster and you have Own damages policy Or a comprehensive insurance policy, you can easily file a claim with the insurance company. As the pandemic has moved the industry online, you can even file a claim on the insurance company’s website. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has instructed insurance companies to appoint node officials to facilitate the receipt, processing and settlement of all eligible claims.

This is the measure that needs to be taken in the case of vehicle damage:

  1. Contact the insurance company now

If a tree or telephone pole falls on your vehicle, remove the urge to remove it. Instead, please call your insurance company immediately within 48 hours and provide them with your vehicle and policy number details.

  1. Don’t start the vehicle

If your vehicle is submerged, do not try to start the engine. Insurance companies usually do not take responsibility for compensation when they try to turn on the engine of a car that has recently been flooded.

  1. Collect photographic evidence

The insurance company will ask you to share or upload photos of the damaged vehicle to assess your claim. Take as many photos as possible and describe the damage clearly and extensively. Remember, once the vehicle is towed to a nearby garage, these pictures will be the only evidence you have. Therefore, it is wise to make sure that you take as many photos of the damage as possible and keep them safe until the entire claim is processed.

  1. Waiting for help

Insurance companies have connections with garages across the country. After prompting, they will dispatch service personnel to tow away from the garage and inspect your vehicle. The garage will assess the damage and expenses and notify the insurer. According to your insurance policy coverage and claim amount, the cost will be paid by the insurance company. It goes without saying that if certain components not covered by the policy are damaged, the repair costs will be borne by the owner to cover the cost of these specific parts.

  1. May require a surveyor

If it is a large SUV, luxury car or bicycle, a surveyor can be appointed to assess the damage. This is usually done when the car claim amount exceeds 50,000 rupees. However, if the damage cost exceeds 75% of the declared value of the insurance, it shall be deemed as a total loss and IDV shall be paid based on the depreciation of the vehicle. The settlement amount will still be less than the amount you paid for the vehicle.To get the full price you paid for the vehicle, except for the standard car or Bicycle insurance policy. This makes sense especially if you have a new car.

  1. Do not repair it before contacting the insurance company

In an emergency, you may have to clear obstacles before you can transport the vehicle to an authorized service center. However, make sure to get a bill for all completed work. In addition, please ensure that you only bring the vehicle to an authorized service center, otherwise your claim may be rejected. Damaged pictures will come in handy here, because once your car is repaired, there will be no evidence of dispute in the future.

Exclude items

There are several reasons why your claim can be rejected. These include:

  • If you have not notified your insurance company

  • If your car registration details are wrong, or the car is not registered under your name

  • Unauthorized modification of the vehicle

  • Perform maintenance work in an unauthorized workshop. This is because unauthorized distributors have a reputation for providing false bills or installing counterfeit parts.

  • If the surveyor suspects a foul and submits a convincing report

  • Unless you adopt a zero depreciation rule, it usually does not cover the depreciation of plastic parts and tires.

  • If your bicycle or car is used for commercial purposes

in conclusion

Although insurance is primarily a forward-looking financial safety net, if you follow the prescribed agreement, you can only use its benefits. Storms may become more frequent, and claims may be completely digital in the near future. Although these adverse weather events can take up a lot of your bandwidth, you must understand how to make the most of your car insurance or bicycle insurance policy to prevent further financial losses.When you are safe at home, stay smart car insurance Policy choices, and choose comprehensive coverage to alleviate such situations.

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