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Is it safer than Arhat’s car? He told me that his car had a global NCAP 1 star rating, and we tweeted while driving a Renault Triber at a comfortable speed on a new highway. Although his safety awareness may be surprising-he is eight years old! ——He doesn’t need to worry anyway. You see, Renault Triber has a 4 star global NCAP rating! For a great-value car, this sounds surreal, doesn’t it?

However, his innocent worries did trigger how important a sense of security has become in our lives today. In a world where just going outdoors to meet with friends or even family is a potential health hazard, the safety of our loved ones has never been given priority for granted. If we entrust our home to protect our safety, why should we make our car an exception? Fortunately, for Renault Triber, there is no need to make such a compromise. With its 4-star rating for adult occupants and a 3-star G-NCAP rating for child occupants, it is safe for you and all six people with whom you can choose to enjoy driving. Yes, its stylish design and irresistible price tag may make you forget that it is a 7-seater with three rows of comfortable seats!

Triber is equipped with a 72-horsepower 1.0-liter engine, allowing you to travel easily.

On this pleasant cloudy morning, mixed with a soothing light rain, our family of four is celebrating an almost uninterrupted year of being locked at home. What better way than a weekend holiday! It’s too obvious that Triber will be our wheel choice, but wait-is it even a good idea to leave the safety of the home somewhere else? This is a reasonable concern, although we chose to spend the weekend in a private farmhouse no more than 100 kilometers away from our home, and we resolved this issue deliberately. Thankfully, I am convinced that the disinfection program provided is just one of the long list of things that make us optimistic about our stay at SaffronStays Sanvina Farm in Karjat.

This is a beautiful drive to Karjat, especially during the monsoon. We set off early and let us briskly leave behind the unawakened city roads of Mumbai. Triber’s 72PS, 1.0-liter engine certainly knows how to stretch your legs, and even if you spend a long day in the driver’s seat, you can still enjoy driving. Combined with the 5-speed EASY-R AMT to shift gears effortlessly, you get a friendly and capable car that is lively in the city and full of confidence on the highway. Its efficiency also helps, plus a 40-liter fuel tank, which means we can enjoy the journey without being interrupted by refueling.

The airy, functional and cool cabin enhances Triber’s family-friendly atmosphere.

On the highway, maintaining a comfortable cruising speed is not a big deal, because Triber not only has a powerful engine, but also has all the safety equipment you need. High-end models are equipped with four airbags, equipped with ABS and EBD, speed alarm warning, load limiter with pretensioner, adequate pedestrian protection, and even front seat belt reminders. Triber is perfectly equipped for every drive. safe.

In less than a few hours, we left the reliable old-fashioned NH4 behind us and we are now located among the scenic green hills on the slowly flowing road. It is foreseeable that the recent monsoon has caused some areas to be repaired, but solving these problems is not a big problem for Triber, and its pace may be worse. As children marvel at the breathtaking scenery, the infotainment touch screen makes frequent music changes very convenient (you know what the kids think), and the ventilated cabin that refreshes our spirits, the journey becomes an unforgettable one . A sign in a small and characteristic village pointed us in the direction of the Sanvina Farm. After a while, we passed through its gate and stepped on a tree-lined muddy path. The tribesmen glide across it easily.

The elegant and artistic interior decoration of Sanvina Farm makes the transition from Triber easy.

Sanvina Farm has vast lawns on both sides, with a magnificent but pleasing design, it is an ideal place for those who like to enjoy a simple and happy holiday in nature. This is a beautifully designed residence with towering mountains as the background, which is particularly eye-catching. During the monsoon, everything around it becomes a pleasant shade of green. However, getting the children out of the tribe required some persuasiveness, but the promise of an appetizing home-cooked lunch succeeded. It won’t be long before they will find excuses to return to their favorite family members, and we are sure of this.

With a spacious luggage capacity of 625 liters, the third row is stowed away.

The rest of the day is very slow. The children spent the day (literally) playing football and getting to know the friendly resident Great Dane, while their doting parents sat comfortably on the porch, every book and a steady stream of books Tengteng coffee to match the good weather. Between frequent trips to the tribe-I told you! – They also knew a pond full of ducks, a newborn calf, because there was a small bell on his neck, they immediately named it “Ding Dong”, and a pair of funny rabbits! Of course, we can’t think of a better way to keep them and ourselves away from the screen!

Thanks to Renault Triber, it is now possible to stay away from the happy moments of urban chaos in the safest possible conditions.

The next day was a similar thing, the children insisted on using up their clothes and seemed to become muddy soon. It is a good thing that Triber has a huge 625-liter boot (retracted in the third row), and we are not a family that knows how to pack light anyway! With a well-prepared breakfast, we packed our luggage back to the Triber, saying goodbye to the short but indulgent daily rest.

This is not a heavy farewell either, because almost from the moment we arrived, we have been looking forward to returning to the tribe! Why don’t we? Just like the home we live in and the home we spend the weekend, Triber is perfect for all the needs of our family. It’s beautiful, spacious, and full of good things-all of them, while still being very affordable. But most importantly, Triber protects our safety, which is priceless. Well, we often call it a home away from home, you shouldn’t be surprised, right?

Location provided: SaffronStays Sanvina Farm

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