Brand Content: A Monsoon Car Maintenance Guide for Avid Drivers-Feature

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Moisture and machinery are not best friends. The monsoon means potholes, water in the roads, and damp surroundings. Although rain can relieve the hot summer heat, your vehicle is not very satisfied with it. Below are 5 areas of the vehicle that you must pay attention to when it rains.


Tires with a large number of treads are crucial, because rain can make the road slippery. The tire tread helps to divert water away from the contact surface, thereby improving grip. Modern tires have tread wear indicators-take a closer look at what they have to say.

Monitoring the braking system

In the rainy season, your brakes must work harder. To prevent the braking distance from increasing, check your brake pads-clean them and replace them if they are worn out. Make sure there is enough brake fluid and the brake linings are well lubricated. For motorcycles, clean the drum brake from the inside, if it is a disc brake, clean the disc and caliper and check the brake fluid.

Maintain the wiper

Windshield wipers help improve visibility. The rubber lining of the wiper is easy to wear, so please check its function at all speeds. You can also consider adding a small amount of detergent to the wiper cleaning bottle to effectively clean the windshield.

Protective paint

Apply a protective wax polish to make the water roll off. Door hinges must be greased and check the rubber linings on doors and windows. The exposed metal area can be sprayed with anti-corrosion spray. Do the same for motorcycles that have more exposed metal parts than cars.

Repair electrical appliances

Electronic components are particularly susceptible to problems related to moisture. Repair any loose or unconnected terminals and make sure that there are no exposed wires. Carry extra fuses. For electrical terminals, please consider applying petroleum jelly to form a moisture-proof protective barrier. Motorcycles also have electrical equipment exposed to the elements. Clean the engine thoroughly and make sure that all rider aids including indicators are working properly. Make sure to tighten the side mirrors regularly.

Clean the interior

Fungi like moisture. Use fabric pads instead of rubber pads, and vacuum the car regularly to prevent dust and moisture from entering. If possible, ventilate your car in the garage or bask in the sun. When it is not raining, close the windows to allow air to circulate and prevent fungus growth.

Chain cleaning

Motorcycle chains can accumulate dirt and dirt during the monsoon. Clean the chain links and lubricate them with engine oil or grease. It is recommended that you lubricate the chain every 500 kilometers.

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