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The last iPhone I owned was 3GS-it’s been a long time.I remember that it was handed down by my sister. It took her 2 years to give it to me, so it was not the most advanced even at the time, and it was Ten years ago.

Now, I bought myself the iPhone 13 Pro, the best hardware Apple has, with a small form factor. How did I get here and how do I feel about it? Well, it’s complicated.

One person rediscovered the iPhone

For many years, I have been using Android phones-both personally and at work-the best of them, really. I have always preferred devices with a more compact size. Recently, I used it for a while after the Galaxy S21 was released. I admire its compact size and powerful camera, and I always prefer the camera on the S21 Ultra. The S21 is a sturdy phone that just works, but it is not exciting enough that I have been looking elsewhere. I’m very lucky to be able to work where I work. The choice is easy.

Once, I finally tried the size of Mi 11 Ultra-not very compact, but attractive in a way that Galaxy can’t do. Mi 11 Ultra is probably the best construction and feel of any device that this reviewer has dealt with, as well as the premier camera system. But in the end, I quickly realized that I was too stubborn about Samsung’s approach, and I didn’t want to tolerate some of Xiaomi’s things. Little things, not many, but that’s how much I am willing to compromise.

Back to Galaxy S21, but I opened my eyes to look for alternative candidates. I also gave Find X3 Pro a chance, but this is just a fight I know will not last. Predictably, it didn’t, but this time I didn’t even reset the S21, so I jumped back again, as if nothing happened.

One person rediscovered the iPhone

Samsung’s foldable products are on the market at the end of the summer, and these give me hope-I can stay in the Galaxy Galaxy family, but I will get something sexier. I started with the Z Flip3, but ended up disapproving of its objectively humble camera, disappointed with the poor use of its second display, and generally dissatisfied with the perfect shape that I think suits my taste.

I gave other The foldable shape is gone forever, I Smart switch My stuff goes to Z Fold3. Physically opposite to the S21, the Fold is heavy and cumbersome, but it has a large screen to display it, and managed to persist for a few weeks. I will never keep it forever, because Samsung is not a company that replaces the screen of the review mobile phone for free, and I am definitely not willing to face the expensive screen replacement bill…what is this, 500 US dollars / euro 600… just because it is normal use. Just like what happened on our Fold2 evaluation unit after one year of use. I really don’t believe these devices are as reliable as ordinary phones, at least not now. Again, this did not last long.

One person rediscovered the iPhone

By that time of the year, we had entered the iPhone peak season.​​​ Apple, how convenient, made one in the way I wanted. The 13 Pro is small (-ish), and even though it is as heavy as the non-Apple one, it also checked the “compact” checkbox for me. In addition, it is very important that it is now equipped with a top-of-the-line camera, unlike the 12th generation non-Max which was rejected. My excuses for not getting an iPhone are exhausted.

So, I bought an iPhone. I paid from my pocket. This is not something I just picked up from the pile of phones we put on the office shelf. Admittedly, we don’t have any iPhones accumulating dust on office shelves-if we did, things might be different.

In any case, in the next few pages, I will share how this transition has experienced ups and downs for me. Some things I don’t appreciate, some things I like it. There is nothing that disappoints reviewers more than complaining about technology. Let’s get started, shall we?

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