Audi’s Project Artemis flagship electric car will now be developed in-house

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Audi has decided to transfer the development of its flagship electric car Project Artemis to the interior. Its technical director Oliver Hoffmann will replace current project director Alex Hitzinger.

  • The project will give birth to a flagship electric car to compete with Mercedes-Benz EQS
  • Artemis was originally established by Audi as an independent business
  • It was previously reported that the group boss was worried about the progress of the project

Audi has been developing a flagship electric car under the Artemis plan, and the development of this car is now in-house. Artemis was originally established as an independent company, with operations led by project director Alex Hitzinger. Hitzinger was previously involved in Apple’s car project and was responsible for Porsche’s winning of the LMP1 sports car project at Le Mans.

The project will now be taken over by Audi’s technical director Oliver Hoffman, whose goal is to deliver the vehicle before the 2025 deadline. Software development will be handled by Cariad (formerly known as Car.Software), the software division of the Volkswagen Group.

The car itself will be based on the new SSP platform (the integration of the existing MEB and PPE architecture), which will be launched in 2024. It is expected to be called A9 E-tron and will be the first platform to implement SSP. It will also launch a new version of the VW.OS operating system software. The full-size sedan will be comparable to the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

The personnel reorganization follows recent reports that the bosses of Audi and Volkswagen Group have been worried about the progress of the Artemis project. In February of this year, the German publication Manager Magazin stated that there were concerns that the project pursued too many ideas that were not suitable for mass production.

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