Audi e-tron 55 quattro evaluation, road test

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What we have here is Audi’s first mass-produced electric car-e-tron. However, the name made its debut in 2009 and appeared on several all-electric and plug-in hybrid Audi concept cars, as well as some limited-production models. However, in 2018, when the SUV kicked off, the company paved a clear direction for the e-tron sub-brand. From now on, all of its current and future electric vehicles will be included in the e-tron. Under the umbrella of tron, and show off this nickname as oneself; such as e-tron 55, e-tron GT, Q4 e-tron, etc.

It is also not entirely new, but a controversial car. It entered the international showroom in 2019 and started a strong start, but supply chain constraints caused global waiting times and subsequent delays. The Indian launch, originally scheduled for 2019, was postponed and further extended due to the pandemic. Therefore, we won’t finally get e-tron in India until mid-2021. Therefore, although Audi was one of the first luxury automakers to launch independent electric vehicle models internationally, its advantage in India was lost to Mercedes-Benz, which launched EQC in 2020, and Jaguar, which launched I-. The pace earlier this year. However, for Audi, this may be a blessing in disguise. With competition testing the waters of high-end luxury electric vehicles and India’s broader market awareness and better acceptance of electric vehicles, the timing of the e-tron SUV launch seems to be just right.

First, we will get the “55” variant and the “55 Sportback” version, both of which are powered by a 95kWh battery. Interestingly, the company’s goal is to sell more than 200 e-trons per year, which seems like a daunting task for a car worth more than Rs 1 crore. So, does it have enough funds to support its green sector and achieve company goals? We conducted a detailed test on e-tron 55 to find out.

In order to reach the annual sales target of 200 vehicles, the e-tron must not only be a very good electric car, but also must be delivered as an ordinary premium SUV. As the latter, it does its job well-it looks important, it is spacious and practical, it rides very well, and its performance is very strong. However, SUVs are also expected to become excellent long-distance cruisers. Although the performance and handling of the e-tron undoubtedly make it very suitable for highways, its 382 kilometers of highway cruising range is not enough, as are other electric vehicles in the same class.

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The air suspension can be raised by 50 mm from the normal ride height, or it can be lowered by 39 mm.

However, removing the long-distance commute from the equation, it performs very well as an urban electric car. The real city range of approximately 350 kilometers makes it capable of withstanding conventional urban tribulations, and the performance is as stable and powerful as possible. Therefore, if you want a luxury SUV that is easy to drive, you will enjoy the pleasure of driving without the slightest guilt about harmful exhaust emissions, then e-tron is worth a look.

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