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The first 5G phones hit the market in early 2019, but three years later we’re still in a transition period — most flagships have 5G, as do typical mid-range phones, and even some entry-level models. However, 4G phones are still being unveiled, and many countries do not have active 5G networks.

This week’s question is simple – are you using 5G on your phone? There are a number of reasons why you might not have switched yet, ranging from “not available in my country” to “not needed”.

The answer usually depends on your carrier. As a new addition to the network, 5G coverage remains spotty. Also, you may need a new plan to get access to 5G, but may not want to renew for now. You certainly need a 5G-capable phone, but that may not be the case.

5G global coverage by mid-2021

5G global coverage by mid-2021 (source)

Thankfully, almost every phone these days supports LTE, as some carriers are shutting down their old networks. But even that is no guarantee. For example, AT&T in the US is sending replacement phones to people still using 2G/3G phones in preparation for the 3G shutdown (planned for next month, when 2G ends). The day when everyone has a 5G phone is still far away.

Are you using 5G on your phone? If not, why not?

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