Apple Maps updated 3D and AR functions

Soham Thakur

At the annual Global Developers Conference, Apple announced a major update of Apple Maps, bringing augmented reality (AR) and three-dimensional (3D) features. The map update is part of a larger upgrade to Apple’s new iOS 15 operating system.

  • Apple Maps got a new night mode with moonlight.

  • Users can now also get walking directions in augmented reality (AR)

  • Public transport users will be notified when they get off the bus quickly

Apple Map: What’s new?

With the updated Apple Maps, users can now experience the city’s blocks, business districts, elevations, buildings, new road colors and labels, and custom-designed landmarks and other details that have been significantly enhanced. Apple also introduced a new night mode for the map, with moonlight.

In addition, when using iPhone or in-vehicle Apple CarPlay for navigation, the map will now display directions and landmarks in 3D, which will help users better view and understand important details such as turning lanes, central barriers, bicycles Roads and crosswalks. With Apple CarPlay, the company has also added the ability to announce received messages through Siri.

With the update, users can now even get directions in AR. To do this, the user must point the iPhone’s camera at a point of interest in the surrounding environment, and then the map will provide detailed walking directions in augmented reality. However, by the end of this year, this feature will only be launched in some cities in the United States-London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

For those who use public transportation, the map now makes it easier to find nearby stations and can even fix the user’s favorite route. The map will automatically follow the selected bus route, and will notify the user when the user is about to get off the bus. Users can even track this on their Apple Watch.

With the release of iOS 15, new AR maps and navigation features will be launched on iOS devices, most likely to be released in September. However, Apple has not confirmed whether these features will be available in India.

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