Announced that WWCOTY 2021 is worthy of nominations for the Women’s Award

Renuka Kirpalani

Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) announced the final contender for its Women of the Year worthy award. The list of nominations includes several outstanding women who play an important role in many fields such as activism, motorsports and public relations.

  • Results will be announced in June 2021
  • The award aims to recognize the role and merits of women in the automotive field.

The number of women in leadership roles in the automotive industry was once considered a male-dominated field, and this proportion has been rising. The Annual Women’s World Automobile Association is composed of 54 female driving journalists from 40 countries around the world. While establishing the Person of the Year Award in 2018, they realized that there is no award that recognizes the contribution of women in the industry. Therefore, the logical answer is to make their praiseworthy people all related to commending outstanding women in the automotive industry. This is how the “Worthy Women” award was born.

This year, the jury submitted 13 names for the award. The task of the two non-voting judges is to reduce these positions to the top five competitors. they are:

  • Julieta Meléndez, Ford Mexico Public Relations Department. She is responsible for 400 female workers, who produced the first car produced by the all-women team Ford Mach-E9.

  • Loujain Al Hathloul. Women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia have also been imprisoned for thinking that women should be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

  • Assel Al Hamaad (Assel Al Hamaad). She represents Saudi Arabia on the Women’s Committee of Motorsports and is the first female board member of the Saudi Arabian Automobile Federation.

  • Michèle Mouton (Michèle Mouton), the president of the FIA ​​Women in Motor Sports, has a well-known career in motorsports. She is the most successful female professional driver. She has scored 229 points in 50 races in 14 years.

  • the late Sabine Schmitz, racer. She is the first and only female driver to win the annual prestigious 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

The judges will vote for a winner, and the result will be announced in early June.

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