Android 12 Beta 2 gets the feature to display the current call time in the status bar-Techweu

Android 12 has undergone a major UI redesign, but Google is still tweaking the details. Launched on Pixels last week, Android 12 Beta 2 makes it easy to track your current call length with indicators in the status bar.

Normally, when you quit the phone app, a notification is created indicating the call duration, and you can tap it to quickly return to the phone app. This is still valid, but you need to open the notification shade first.

Android 12 skips that step by placing a chip in the status bar that indicates the call duration.Please note “Chip” Refers to a simple pill-shaped UI element in Material Design. You can usually tap a tip to trigger a particular action, but this seems to be the case here as well.

Perhaps third-party apps (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) will also be able to use the chip to view the talk time and set custom actions when the chip is tapped. You can’t try out new features just as the current Google Dialer app doesn’t support.

This is also the reason why the chip doesn’t open the phone app in the video above. It wasn’t the phone app that created the chip, but a custom Magisk / Xposed module by the developer. kdrag0n Used to try out new features in Android 12.


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