Analysts say iPhone SE+ 5G will be available in late April or early May -Techweu

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, provided more information on the iPhone SE+ 5G. Display panels for the new model will start production this month, which means Apple could launch the SE+ in late April or early May, and be able to start shipping around the same period.

According to all the leaks so far, the new model will use the old design. There is some uncertainty as to whether it will continue to use the 4.7-inch LCD with the Touch ID button on the front. One thing is clear though, the focus of this release will be on 5G connectivity.

Second-generation Apple iPhone SE

Second-generation Apple iPhone SE

The 2020 SE models are powered by the Apple A13 chipset and come with a 4G modem (the same configuration as the iPhone 12 series from half a year ago). The new SE will come with an updated chipset and modem — rumored a few months ago that it will use the same Apple A15 chip and Snapdragon X60 modem as the iPhone 13 lineup.

The iPhone SE+ 5G should be released alongside the new iPad Air, which will likely feature the same A15 chipset. Considering the popularity of the iPhone 13 series, there are several new A15-based devices on the way, and TSMC’s 5nm foundry has done the work for them.

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