AMG of the lower series is the key to maintaining the sales of higher AMG models: Mercedes-Benz India

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Mercedes-Benz India has expanded its E-Class lineup and AMG product portfolio by launching two popular new AMGs, the E63 S and E53. The E63 S AMG is priced at 170 crore rupees, while the E53 is priced at 102 crore rupees, while the price of a regular E-Class in India is between 6360 to 809 crore rupees (ex-showroom). The launch of these AMGs also brought standard E-class cars to India; regular E-class cars are all long-wheelbase units.

What is the strategy of AMG India?

Mercedes has invested a lot of energy in the AMG series in India, and the company’s strategy for the brand is to attract more and more customers through many entry-level products.

Santosh Iyer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz India, told OurIndia at the press conference: “For us, the AMG strategy is to involve more customers so that they can happily upgrade to more For the high models, if we don’t allow more people to participate, it will be difficult to enter 63 directly.

In essence, the lower-spec AMG models are designed to become a stepping stone for the AMG brand and help maintain higher-spec models. To this end, Mercedes-Benz not only introduced many lower series of AMGs, but also began to assemble them locally. It has launched locally manufactured AMG A35 and AMG GLA 35 in India, and even 43 series models such as AMG GLC 43 and AMG C43 Coupe are currently assembled here.

Mercedes-AMG 53 and 63 models will appear as CBU

However, the local assembly plan will only be extended to lower series cars. This is not only from the perspective of price and quantity, but also because through imports, Mercedes can provide a higher level of customization.

“For CBU, a lot of customization is possible. At the high end, we see an increase in personalized demand, so we hope to keep 53 and 63 as CBU, and 43 and 35s are AMGs that we will do locally,” Iyer said.

Interestingly, although Mercedes can technically assemble the 53 in India, the 63 cannot do it because the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine is handmade in Alfalterbach, Germany, so the local council is excluded .

AMG’s performance in India

Mercedes-Benz’s AMG brand in India has achieved an amazing three-fold growth (207%) so far this year, thanks to their localization efforts and more entry-level models in the AMG family. With the launch of the E-Class AMG, the performance brand now offers 11 models in India.

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