Question 1 – The Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes with a mega battery size of _________ mAH?

The answer is – 10,090

Question 1 –  The Galaxy Tab S7 FE delivers rich, cinematic sound quality through Dual AKG speakers powered with Dolby Atmos technology.

The answer is –  True

Question 1 –  Galaxy Tab S7 FE offers an immersive viewing experience with its _____ inch, vibrant display.

The answer is –  12.4

Question 1 –  Which productivity instrument is a complementary in-box accessory with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE?

The answer is –  SPen

Question 1 –  Which of the following features and accessories help is using the Galaxy Tab S7 FE like a PC?

The answer is –  ALL OF THE ABOVE