All-electric Volkswagen ID.X hot hatchback concept revealed

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Company CEO Ralf Brandstätter revealed the new Volkswagen ID.X hot hatchback concept through his personal Linkedin account.based on ID.3 hatchback, The style of ID X concept is more radical, and more powerful ID.4 GTXThe all-wheel drive powertrain.

  • 334hp Volkswagen ID.X concept car is 27hp more than ID.4 GTX
  • The claimed 0-100kph time is 5.3 seconds
  • There is no plan to produce ID.X

Volkswagen ID X concept car: styling

Observing the image, ID.X compared to the standard ID.3, the most obvious appearance change is the gray and green paint and large-diameter alloy wheels wrapped in low-profile tires. The headlamp also has a green highlight around the projector element. Inside, the dashboard is consistent with inventory ID.3, but green highlights are displayed around the AC vents and steering gear. Seats-sports seats replace the standard ID.3 seats in the front-the seats are decorated with Alcantara, with green stitching and piping.

Volkswagen ID X concept car: powertrain details

According to the details disclosed by Brandstätter, it is more noteworthy that it promises major performance upgrades for all variants of ID.3. The absolute power is 334hp, which is not only 130hp higher than the most powerful variant currently sold, but also 27hp higher than the hot GTX version of the large ID.4 SUV.

ID X is equipped with a version of the ID.4 GTX four-wheel drive system, while the current ID.3 model is only rear-driven. Someone once thought that the standard-length MEB architecture of ID.3 could not accommodate the system, and it is not clear whether this concept will make any compromises in seating or storage capacity to make room for a larger foundation.

It is said that the weight of the concept is 200kg less than the standard ID.3, although no detailed information on how to achieve weight loss is given.

After a test drive of the concept car, Brandstätter revealed that it will reach 62 mph from a standstill in 5.3 seconds, and is equipped with a dedicated drift mode-the brand’s new Golf R hot The hatch has this characteristic.

Volkswagen ID X concept: production plan

Brandstedt has said that although ID.X is not used in production, Volkswagen will “absorb a lot of ideas” from the project. He said that it was created because engineers working on ID.4 GTX “discovered the fun of developing high-performance electric vehicles, so we let them do it.”

According to previous reports, Volkswagen’s R department is making plans to use the full-path ID.3 and R badge version as its first EV, which is expected to be on the market in 2024.

The head of development Frank Welsch previously told our sister publication ” OurUK” that although ID.3 can accommodate a four-wheel drive system, it is unlikely to do so “during the first generation.” He said that a strong power boost and two driven axles are a prerequisite for any R model.

Volkswagen India

Turning to the Indian market, Volkswagen is currently launching its new mid-size SUV, namely Tai Chi In the coming months. In addition, a brand new mid-size sedan will be launched to replace the outdated Vento and the launch of a facelifted 5-seater Tiguan SUV.Turning to the electric car series of automakers, Volkswagen is expected to Bringing ID.4 SUV to India As the first ID model in 2022.

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