2021 Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI long-term review, the first report

Shapur Kotwal

Polo 1.0 TSI is a car built on a relatively old platform. This has caused quite a stir recently, with a lot of unnecessary waves. But does it really matter? Is it the only important indicator here? Absolutely not. What matters is ability, not age. The key is how good something is, not how young or old it is. Having said that, what does Polo TSI like to live with? Does it feel its age in some areas? These are the questions we will try to answer in the upcoming report.

Power pack: Explosives come in small packages; 1.0 TSI is a gem.

Unfortunately, the first day of Polo 1.0 TSI’s long-term test coincided with the first day of lock-in 2.0. However, Polo does show its versatility. The task involved the successful delivery of a four-foot-long box from IKEA. Now initially, looking at the length of the box, I think it is impossible. But I decided to give it a try. So, the package tray came out, the rear seat was down, and then I also flipped the front passenger seat down. Yes, this box is very tall. But after some adjustments, it went! And I don’t need to borrow a Renault Triber and exchange cars that day, it’s neat.

After publishing this news, I have been staring at the black roof in the parking lot during the lock-in period and eager to take it out for a drive. It has been many days. I have to say, I like the evolution of appearance. Especially on this sports version. No, I don’t like the black sticker on the door at all, but there are many beautiful design styles that make it stand out. Things like the black roof and neat rear spoiler are also black. Then there is a hint of a matte black plastic diffuser, matching matte plastic along the pedal, I also like the GTI-like nose. I also like its posture, wide base, large wheels and pop-up wheel arches. Yes, Polo’s muscle wedge is not new, but for me, it is just right.

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Dial: like these clear dials; no need for digital dashboards.

“Why are you driving so fast?” A few weeks later, when I drove her to the other side of town to give her a fist vaccine, she asked his wife. why? Well, it may be because I haven’t driven in recent weeks, the empty road reminds me of the rally stage, and then every time the 1.0 TSI boost comes in, my body cannot release the accelerator. “This is an express car,” she said blankly.

Yes it is. The award-winning 1.0 TSI engine is a jewel. It was selected as the Engine of the Year in 2018 and now powers various Volkswagen and Skoda Group cars. The good thing here is that Polo is one of the lightest, which really helps to give it some vitality. Polo feels at home even on the highway. It is far from being out of breath. Even if I drive to Lonavala, there are many things under my feet. The 6-speed gearbox makes good use of the power band at high speeds, and even the stability on the highway makes People are impressed.

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Legroom: The rear space is narrow, especially if you have a tall passenger.

1.0 TSI did not suffer because Polo was built on the old platform, but benefited from the rigid chassis, well-specified suspension, and riding and handling that most new competitors cannot match. It is also obvious that over the years, Polo’s settings have been improved. For example, the ride is now more comfortable, the Polo is no longer as bad as bumps, and the steering also has more weight.

Yes, of course, I would have liked to have a wireless Apple CarPlay (you need a cable now), a wireless phone charger will be more convenient, and the connection technology will be good, but these are not deal breakers. Volkswagen does have a plug-in fix for the interconnection technology (we will test it in a follow-up report).

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Rear view: This version does not have a reversing camera, only a sensor.

Turbo lag will occasionally get you out in traffic. At around 1,800 rpm, the boost pressure drops sharply, there is no reversing camera, and of course, the rear space is tight. But Polo still has a lot to offer. It is clearly the best driver’s car in its class. It is fast and interesting. The combination of sturdy construction (like German door locks) and high-quality interior gives it a level of sophistication that cannot be matched by other products of its kind. More about this fascinating car and its life in follow-up questions.

Volkswagen Polo
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