2021 Renault 5 Prototype electric hatchback concept car unveiled

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new Renault 5 The prototype car shows the design and technology that the French automaker will use for its new premium electric hatchback. 5 The mass production version of Prototype is expected to be launched in the international market in 2024.

  • The production specification Renault 5 EV will be based on the CMF-BEV platform.
  • It will be cheaper than the Renault Zoe EV, with a claimed range of 400 kilometers
  • 5 Prototype has a unique design inspired by its predecessors

The revitalized Renault 5 nameplate will be part of a major new plan to revitalize the French company and will be located on the Renault Group’s new CMF-BEV platform for small electric vehicles.

During the Renault electronic pop music event, company boss Luca de Meo stated that the use of the new platform and improved battery technology will enable the company to sell at a price that is approximately 33% lower than the current price5. Zoe.

Renault 5 prototype car: what is it?

Renault 5 Prototype draws styling and design cues from the predecessor of Clio produced by Renault from 1972 to 1996. It will be one of the 14 new models that the French brand will launch in 2025, including 7 fully electric vehicles. It will also become a new version of the Renault 4 hatchback, called 4ever.

The French company first revealed the new 5 concept when it unveiled the “Renault” strategic plan designed by its new boss Luca de Meo. By 2025, Renault will generate 30% of its sales from electric vehicles, which will be a key part of the 5 Prototype city car.

Renault 5 prototype: design

Renault 5 Prototype is an all-electric model, and its design makes extensive reference to various versions of the original 5, including the classic Supercinq and R5 Turbo versions, despite the modern EV design. The headlights are based on the original design, and the front-mounted EV charging port is located where the radiator grille is placed on the original design.

The concept has wider rear wheel arches and red striped uniforms, paying tribute to the R5 Turbo hot hatch and hinting at the prospect of a high-performance version of the new model.

Renault 5 EV hatchback: technical details

The company has confirmed that production specification 5 will use new powertrain technology and nickel, manganese, and cobalt-based (NCM) batteries, which it claims will help significantly reduce costs per kilowatt-hour by 2030. Renault added that 5 has a range of about 400 kilometers. Renault did not give the complete technical specifications of the concept.

Renault India 2021 lineup

Currently, Renault offers four models in our market, including Quaid Hatchback, Kiger Compact SUV, dust collector Medium SUV and tribe Utility vehicle. The automaker is also evaluating the Zoe EV hatchback for India and even showing it at the 2020 Auto Expo.

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