2021 Porsche Mission R EV concept car unveiled at Munich Motor Show

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new Porsche The Mission R concept car previews a pure electric race car that may debut in 2025, and also provides a strong hint for the shape of the upcoming electric 718 Cayman.

  • Its dual motors can produce 611hp in standard mode
  • Qualifying mode boosts output to 1,088hp
  • 80-85kWh battery can support about 40 minutes of competition

Porsche Mission R concept: what is it?

The new machine is a joint development of Porsche Motorsport and Porsche Style Design Studio. The feature of this concept is that the carbon fiber roll cage is directly built into the body, which helps to reduce the weight and size of the car, especially to save roof space. Current motorsport rules require cars to be equipped with steel roll cages, although Porsche has hinted that it hopes that this may change before launching any production version of the car.

Porsche Mission R concept: electric powertrain

Exhibited in Munich, it took advantage of Taikang, And has been developed to provide performance between the 911 GT3 Cup and GT3 R. The dual-motor setup has two settings, from 611 horsepower in the standard mode to 1,088 horsepower in the special qualifying mode. The front motor produces up to 435hp and the rear produces 653hp. Porsche said that the Mission R can reach a top speed of 300kph and can achieve a sprint of 0-100kph in 2.5 seconds.

Unlike Taycan, Mission R uses a single gear, because in most private-level racing events, rolling start is used, and there is no need to optimize acceleration from a standstill. There is also an F1-style drag reduction system to reduce downforce, although because the car is designed for customer racing, Porsche combined it with two-stage rear wing and adjustable flaps on the front wing to help balance the car. The stability makes it easier for amateur riders to control.

Porsche Mission R concept: battery and charging

The Mission R is powered by a high-voltage 80-85kWh battery, which Porsche says is designed to provide approximately 40 minutes of game time. The front axle energy recovery system is used to help reduce the necessary battery size. It is said that it can be traced back to the mid-engine design, where the battery is installed before the internal combustion engine. The goal is to bring the total weight of the car to 1,500 kg, which will be close to the current customer’s racing car.

The car is designed with 900V technology and can be charged at a speed of up to 340kW. Porsche claims that this can allow the car to charge from 5% to 80% in 15 minutes.

Porsche Mission R Concept Car: Interior

The interior is a pure racing design, with only one seat, most of the key controls are located on the steering wheel, and there is a control panel. Many of the car’s auxiliary equipment are located in the easily removable panel where the passenger seat is usually located. There is also a built-in cooling duct and a special helmet mount.

In order to improve the sustainability certification of the car, most of the car body is made of natural fiber reinforced plastic (NFRP).

Porsche Mission R Concept: Dimensions

Mission R is smaller than existing Porsche racing cars, making it close to Cayman and Boxster in size. Its length is 4,326 mm, slightly shorter than the 718 Cayman series, but wider (1,990 mm) and lower (1,190 mm).

The company officially insists that this is to help reduce size and weight to achieve the performance required by the car-but this means that this is the first look at the electric version of these models.

Although Porsche has not confirmed the plan, we previously revealed that it is Development of electric versions of the 718 Boxster and Cayman This will be provided with the existing internal combustion engine version.

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