2021 Munich Auto Show Preview: Which cars and SUVs will be unveiled?

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The first international auto show to be held in Munich will be the first full-scale auto show to be held in Europe since the pandemic. This is good news for the auto industry and auto enthusiasts, especially since the schedule of global auto events continues to be affected. For example, according to a recent announcement, the 2021 New York Auto Show has been postponed from earlier this year to August, but it was cancelled due to the outbreak of Delta models in the United States.even New Delhi Auto Expo 2022It was originally scheduled to be held from February 2 to 9 next year, but it has been postponed.

  • Audi will demonstrate the next stage of electrification through the Grand Sphere concept
  • Mercedes will launch five electric cars

Several important models are expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Munich Motor Show. Benz It looks like it will dominate in no less than five high-profile debuts, including EQE, AMG EQG, AMG EQS and Maybach EQS SUV.

Other models to be unveiled include the Audi Grand Sphere concept car, 7-seater Dacia and Renault Megane E-Tech.

This is a summary of what you can expect to see.

Audi Grand Sphere concept car

This Big sphere concept Audi’s vision is to create an all-electric and highly autonomous successor. A8 LimousineThe Munich concept car developed by the Audi Artemis project department under the code name “Landjet” will be the first of the three “Sphere” concept cars that Audi will show next year, as a preview of the flagship model with four levels of autonomy.

Dacia Sevens

Dacia will launch a “multifunctional seven-seater family car” in Munich, which has nothing to do with large cars Large SUV This will be crowned when it arrives in 2025.It is believed that the unnamed new model will replace Logi MPV In the international market, it is likely to follow the Sandero hatchback into the newer CMF-B architecture of the parent company Renault, which will pave the way for hybrid options.

Mercedes-Benz EQE

This EQ education Will be released in 2022 Equalizer-The similar profile, E-class availability and price make it a direct competitor to Tesla Model S.Based on the same aluminum-intensive EVA architecture as Stuttgart’s larger, luxury-oriented electric flagship, it will provide more cabin space than Tesla’s internal combustion engine Class E Correspondingly, thanks to its flat floor and short overhang.

A variant of the brand’s new Hyperscreen infotainment display, which spans the width of the dashboard, is also distinctive.The model will produce a SUV with EQE logo In 2022, positioning is similar to today GLE.

Mercedes-AMG EQG

Merc’s EQ impact extended to its longest service model, with omnipotent Grade G An all-electric variant will be available in 2024. ‘EQG’ will be previewed as a concept at the Munich exhibition, But we don’t think it will be very different from the combustion cars sold today. Opponents may be shaken by promises to improve off-road capabilities, drastically reduce fuel costs, and undoubtedly promote road improvements.

Mercedes-AMG EQS

AMG will use the EQ flagship as the foundation of its first EV and create the spiritual successor to the V12-powered S65, whose output significantly exceeds the standard car’s 523hp and 856Nm. Look forward to the custom grille, flared arches and large diameter wheels as part of the AMG styling package, as well as lower suspension and stronger brakes to provide some sports certifications for large cars. AMG’s first wave of electric vehicles is expected to provide performance comparable to the current 53 models, instead of the full-fat 63 models, but the popular EQS should still provide enough speed to compete with Porsche Taikang.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV

EQS SUV will be a model focused on luxury BMW iX Challenge and break the cover first in the form of a top Maybach, most likely to appear in concept form at the Munich Motor Show.

It will play a vital role in the rebirth of the prestigious Stuttgart luxury sector and will strongly suggest how models with the Maybach logo will be distinguished from mainstream models. It is expected that the shape of the EQS SUV will be severely affected by the interior and exterior low-profile EQS sedan, while the Maybach version will rely more on high-quality materials, styling cues and technology.

Renault Megane E-Tech

Renault’s first electric SUV will be launched on the global market in 2022 Skoda Enjak and Kia e-Niro It has 218 horsepower and a competitive WLTP certification range of approximately 450 kilometers. Mégane E-Tech uses the same CMF-EV platform Nissan Aria Brother, this means that the top four-wheel-drive performance models with more power and larger batteries may eventually follow the front-wheel drive cars into the market.

Smart SUV

City electric car manufacturer clever It will make its debut at the auto show under the joint ownership of Mercedes and Chinese car giant Geely. Geely also owns LEVC, Lotus, Volvo and Polaris. The Smart concept car code-named HX11 will preview the first SUV model of the pure electric brand, which will be put into production in 2022.

The preview image hints that this high-end-focused five-seater crossover adopts a new design method. Technical data leaked by China shows that it will use a 272-horsepower rear motor and a 70-kilowatt-hour battery. NEDC has a range of approximately Is 500 kilometers.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

Coupe SUV version Standard ID.4 It will be publicly unveiled in Munich. However, Volkswagen stated that it will show the model in a “concept in disguise,” so ID.5 is expected to wear camouflage at the world premiere. In addition, the new all-electric model will debut in the GTX avatar.This means it will be shared with the 299hp all-wheel drive power system ID.4 GTX It is also equipped with a 77kWh battery pack with a cruising range of 480 kilometers.

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